In my second year at Yale, I collaborated with Zak Jensen, Mylinh Nguyen and Lindsay Nordell on the Antenna workshop. We were asked to create a physical intervention in a space. We decided to make games that could be delineated through vinyl tape on the floors and walls of the School of Art building. Since the school was once a Jewish community center, this idea of recreation made sense to us. We also wanted to talk about the inherent competition within the school that is not often recognized. We wanted to give a healthy outlet for this competition through the following four games: hopscotch in the main hallway of school, basketball in the Graphic Design atrium (with a garbage can as the basket), high jump under the stairs in the Graphic Design atrium, and a race up the stairs that starts in the main hallway and ends on the 2nd floor. We branded the project REBA which we thought could be an acronym that would change per person. We originally based it on the words “Recreation Exercise Brisk Activity” but never had an intention to reveal this title. Finally, we created a scoring system out of vinyl in a parallelogram which was the shape of our logo so that players could place a small parallelogram sticker on their winning spot. The scoring system had a different use for each game but showed a record of activity that hopefully inspired others to participate in the games.